Aussie Frozen Yoghurt Industry Riding Global Trend

Aussie Frozen Yoghurt Industry Riding Global Trend

Frozen yoghurt is experiencing a global resurgence, according to a dairy company Frosty Boy Australia.

The company – which manufactures a wide range of ice creams and desserts, as well as equipment and accessories – said the frozen yoghurt concept is booming in the US and throughout Europe, and has enabled the Frosty Boy brand to expand their range from eight to 25 frozen yoghurt blends in the last three years.

Frosty Boy Australia chief executive officer Dirk Pretorius said the frozen yoghurt trend, which was popular in the 1980s, is gaining significant momentum in the past two years and “shows no signs of slowing down”.

“One of the reasons is that the possibilities with frozen yoghurt are endless. The product itself is very versatile,” Dirk said.

“We are seeing some really unique uses of frozen yoghurt in different stores across Australia and throughout the world. We have clients who use them in smoothies and even protein shakes. Others are setting up self-serve frozen yoghurt outlets where you pay by weight.”

In Australia, a number of fruit and vegetable stores, cafés and take-away outlets are looking to frozen yoghurt as a way to bring-in additional revenue.

“Customers are able to purchase ready-to-eat fruit salads and then add frozen yoghurt in-store for example. Cafés are changing their offering to reflect healthier breakfast options and many are introducing frozen yoghurt as part of their menu,” Dirk said.

“The opportunities are endless and innovation is the key driver here.”

Frozen yoghurt is often marketed as a healthier option to ice cream products to health conscious consumers.

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