Apple flour proves versatile in commercial applica...

Apple flour proves versatile in commercial applications

An Australian health food group has collaborated with Bellevue Orchard and Australian Dehydrated Food (ADF) to introduce Australia’s first apple flour to the market.

Sensory Mill was created under Forbidden Foods in 2019 to offer a range of alternative products for use in manufacturing and commercial applications, including powders, grains and blends and a new exotic flour range.

Sensory Mill’s core belief is improved sustainability and traceability of products, while enriching ingredients, and its newest product, apple flour, was released to the retail and foodservice market in January.

Bellevue Orchard is a family-run apple orchard in Victoria, which has been producing apple juice for more than 20 years, while ADF specialises in advanced and rapid dehydration technology to produce Australian dried foods.

All three companies have a strong ethos against food wastage, which has formed the basis of their collaboration.

Bellevue worked alongside Forbidden Foods and ADF, to initiate production of apple fibre from the pomace (the solid waste from fruit after pressing for juicing) in a patented process.

Bellevue realised the apple pomace wastage remaining after the juicing process was becoming costly to re-distribute to farmers for feed, or to move to landfill.

Moving the apple pomace was starting to take a strain on the local environment surrounding the orchard, with potential of having widespread effects.

After 18 months of trials, technology was developed for efficient dehydration of apple fibre to produce a food ingredient for human consumption.

Apple flour has many nutritional benefits for the consumer, including a high dietary fibre content and cholesterol-reducing antioxidants. It is also gluten-free, low fat and low in sugar.

Being very fine, milled apple flour is also very versatile in manufacturing and production. From acting as a thickening agent in sauces and mixes to being an effective binder in recipes, the flour has many applications.

With a naturally sweet flavour, including apple flour in baked goods may reduce the need for additional sweeteners.

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