And the Winner Is

Winner Puratos took out the title for the Best New Bakery Product with their innovative bread product O-tentic.

Sourdough and artisan bread are becoming increasingly popular in Australia, but of course, this craft can take years – even a lifetime to master. This is why Baking Business couldn’t go past Puratos’s O-tentic – an active bakery ingredient that can be added to just flour, water and salt to create artisan-style products.

The far-reaching capability of O-tentic impressed judges, as any bakery from small mum-and-dad bakeries to large operations have the potential to introduce an artisan range into their product offerings, with the need for a living culture to be kept alive removed and thus freeing up space and time.

Otentic R&D manager Morten Staer said O-tentic makes it possible to create unique products by simply combining different flours and varying the fermentation time and level of hydration in the dough stage.

“It will perform equally well in baguettes Winner and ciabatta as it will in pretzels and bagels,” he said.

“We were overwhelmed with excitement and proud to be leaving Fine Food Australia – our first exhibition – with a show stopper.”

Congratulations must go to the runners-up Van Rooy Machinery and Confoil as well; Van Rooy for its incredible Qbo Universal Processing System and Confoil for its Coloured Baking Moulds.

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