The ‘flat croissant’ makes its way to ...

The ‘flat croissant’ makes its way to Aussie shores

We all know croissants—light, flaky, bouncy and delicious—but this new trend from South Korea could eliminate all those elements entirely. The flat croissant is a way for bakers to be able to extend the life of their croissants a day extra and create a different twist of the classic pastry.

The trend began in South Korea and has circled the globe to the US, Canada, Austria and now Australia. Some bakeries have already brought the trend down under in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

The trend first surfaced in 2023 and popped up on TikTok and Instagram which showed a few variations. Some iterations were called ‘croissant crisps’ which were a more ‘cookie’ style covered in sugar and baked for a crunchier finish.

Others were covered in icing with nuts or coconut shavings all over them. They’re either pre-prepared and baked flat—rolled in sugar before baking for that added caramel crunch—or can be made from day old croissants that didn’t quite make it out the door still offering a trendy, sweet and tasty dessert.

The idea of changing up croissants isn’t something entirely new with pastry variations like the ‘crookie’ surfacing on social media and making their way across the globe. There is no doubt push back from croissant purists who don’t want to see the croissant tampered with, but the verdict seems to be in favour of the flat crispy treats.

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