Textbook Patisserie launches Christmas trifles

Textbook Patisserie launches Christmas trifles

Textbook Boulangerie-Patisserie (Textbook) is introducing its first ever range of Christmas Trifles, featuring some of the most iconic flavour combinations including champagne & strawberries and whisky & smoked peaches.

John Ralley, owner and pâtissier of Alexandria-based Textbook is well known for creating some of Sydney’s most iconic desserts, from the fan favourite truffle croissant to delicious petits gateaux, since launching in 2015.

John Ralley says, “We wanted to try something new in addition to our usual Christmas range of cakes and baked treats, and what better way to celebrate the holiday season than with a flamboyant fruity and boozy trifle. These trifles combine the best of the Christmas traditions and our signature Textbook flair of putting a modern twist on traditional flavours.”

  • Champagne Strawberry Trifle: Vanilla sponge soaked in champagne; vanilla panacotta; strawberry custard and jelly with vanilla chantilly; topped with mixed berries and white chocolate decoration  
  • Smoked Peach and Whisky trifle: Chocolate sponge soaked in a jack Daniel’s smoked syrup; whipped chocolate ganache; peach custard and vanilla Chantilly; topped with signature Textbook garnish, chocolate mousse and mirror glaze on top

The Textbook’s Trifles can be ordered online at Each Trifle jar is 4 litres and feeds 18-22.

In-store pick-ups between 12 December and Christmas Eve (24 Dec).

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