Sydney’s Liveliest Food Acts Serve Up Experimental...

Sydney’s Liveliest Food Acts Serve Up Experimental Menu

Newtown neighbours, Black Star Pastry and N2 Extreme Gelato, were the stars of the Nosh Pit at Sydney’s music and cultural festival, Spectrum Now.

Black Star manager Eddie Stewart and N2 owner Min Chai met twice a week in the lead up to the cultural festival, exchanging artisanal pastry ideas. The result was a unique take on old classics.

“First up we had Brokeback Moment, a spin on the classic Gaytime, which was vanilla gelato with bites of honeycomb coated with a chocolate top and served with a syringe of salted caramel sauce,” Min said.

“Next we had Black Star Pastry’s all-time favourite, The Strawberry Watermelon Cake with layers of almond dacquoise, fresh whipped cream, watermelon, strawberries, Iranian pistachio and rose petals.

“The star of our collaboration, The Plum Slinger, was a sandalwood pastry cup, with lychee and ginger sorbet, plum meringue, freeze-dried plums, frankincense sugar, pop rocks and mint jelly. The combination and interaction of the flavours were sensational: you get the sweetness and freshness of the sorbet, the fragrance of the frankincense straight after, then the sandalwood lingers around, all while tasting the different textures of plum, plus the fizzles of pop rocks on your palate.”

Min and Eddie joined some of Sydney’s most innovative food acts, who set out to serve dishes out-of-the ordinary, including Jack Daniels and banana ice-cream sandwiches.

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