Straying from the norm: bakery in NSW accepts cash...

Straying from the norm: bakery in NSW accepts cash only

The saying ‘cash is king’ rings loud and true for NSW bakery Smoky Cape Supabake who are a cash-only bakery. Having been open for just over 12 years the bakery has been cash-only throughout all their years of operation.

For most other small businesses moving to a cashless model has become the norm and has grown significantly in recent years—Australia now overtaking the UK and US to be one of the worlds largest users of cashless payments. Owner of the bakery, Letitia Thomas says that the cash-only system eliminates a number of added costs and issues for the bakery.

“We don’t have those extra fees [associated with card purchases],” she told Yahoo Finance.

“The girls are serving customers quicker as well.”

While the bakeries decision to be cash-only creates a number of benefits for the workers and the business itself, it unfortunately has some opposing opinions—expressed very openly to staff according to Letitia.

“My staff were abused a lot by people coming from the cities,” she said.

“Like, ‘Why won’t you take EFTPOS, it’s ridiculous’ and they get the shits. So we just put a sign up that said please just accept our decision to be cash only.”

Leticia says that the cash only model also suits more of her regular customers, who are older, in that they only really come in to buy a few bread rolls. It also means that blackouts or other tech issues have no impact on Letitia being able to run her business.

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