Efficiency And Simplicity Combined In The Kitchen

Efficiency And Simplicity Combined In The Kitchen

Comcater and Rational Australia recently launched the SelfCooking Centre whitefficiency to the Australian foodservice market. Major launch events were held in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, with more than 300 food service industry professionals making an appearance.

Rational, inventors of the Combi – Steamer, have developed the all-new SelfCookingCenter whitefficiency that combines efficiency and simplicity to minimise kitchen management resources such as time, labour and energy.

New features include the new ‘HiDensityControl’, ‘LevelControl’, ‘SelfCooking’ control and the new generation ‘CareControl’. The HiDensityControl turns the SelfCookingCenter whitefficiency into a baking appliance with five air speeds, five cooking levels, high-capacity moistening with three levels, professional baking processes and steam baking options.

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