Doughnut vending machine is a first for Australia

Doughnut vending machine is a first for Australia

doughnut vending machine, the Dough Lab

Australia’s first-ever doughnut vending machine launched at the beginning of last week in a shopping centre in Sydney.

Dr. Dough Donuts began as an Instagram page, then a local delivery business, and is now a nationwide doughnut and gift-distributing business. Since it was created six years ago, the business has gone from strength to strength, so much so that they have been able to open the first doughnut vending machine in the country in Sydney.

The vending machine, located at the Bondi Junction in Sydney, is stocked full of freshly iced doughnuts as well as cookies. It is called the ‘Dough Lab’ and serves doughnuts housed in small takeaway cups, similar to pint-sized ice cream containers. Customers are able to choose which wild and whacky Dr. Dough flavour they want on the touch screen before having their sweet treat delivered to them through a chute on the front.

“As pioneers in providing Sydney Siders with exciting ways to gift, we want to continue to bring Australian first to our customers in fun and creative ways,” Kristy Bannister, co-owner of Dr. Dough, said on their blog.

“Through Australia’s first Donut Vending Machine, we can’t wait to show off the magic we’ve been creating in our kitchens.”

Dr. Dough announced the launch of the vending machine on social media, and the news was met with predominantly positive comments.

“We can’t wait to see our customers try the new range of donuts in our vending machine, and also swing by to grab their favourite classic donuts, cookie, or Dough Lab exclusive flavours,” Kirsty said.

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