Caramel and vegemite: has the sweet and salty comb...

Caramel and vegemite: has the sweet and salty combo gone too far?

A Sydney bakery have thought up a strange flavour combo that may be pushing the boundaries of the sweet and salty flavour combo. The Vegemite and caramel bun—approved by Gordon Ramsay—was cooked up by Sydney bakery Miss Sina, whose owner Sina Klug was a contender on Channel 9’s reality show, Food Stars.

The competitors were challenged to make a vegemite dessert and Sina came up with the caramel and vegemite buns. She created a twist on the cinnamon bun, adding Vegemite-candied pecans, chantilly cream, and a glossy Vegemite caramel.

When speaking to Time Out Australia Sina said, “Gordon called my buns ‘exquisite’ and ‘absolutely delicious’, went for seconds, and I even got a few fist bumps behind the scenes!”

“Step aside pavlova, we have invented the most Australian dessert ever,” Sina added.

The Vegan bakery based in Marrickville has started serving the vegemite and caramel buns as a part of their menu but only for a limited time so get in quick.

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