Bakery reinvents the vanilla slice with nostalgic ...

Bakery reinvents the vanilla slice with nostalgic sweet

A bite into a big block of vanilla slice is a pleasure Aussies know well, and there just aren’t many things that can top the crisp, flaky pastry, sweet, cool custard, and thick icing (or icing sugar if you prefer the french vanilla slice – a distinct difference!).

But how about taking the humble slice and throwing it in a melting pot with another nostalgic Australian sweet?

That’s exactly what Elmore Bakery has done in the creation of a Redskins Vanilla Slice, combining the mild slice with the explosive raspberry-flavoured Allen’s lolly we’ve all had a filling caused by, or lost to.

And it isn’t just flavouring – Elmore Bakery said they were loading the slice filling up with melted Redskins.

And while people can be defensive of the classics, Elmore’s social media following was (almost) all totally on board with the concept.

“I’m booking flights now,” commented one customer who obviously wished they lived closer.

“I got one. Bloody beautiful,” another wrote. And the compliments to the baker just kept coming, with lots of requests for the creative flavour to be added to the bakery’s everyday menu.

Elmore is a (very) small town located northeast of Bendigo in Victoria, and the Elmore Bakery is a traditional country bakery, keeping locals, visitors, and passers-through topped up with fresh bread, coffee, pies, sweets, and sandwiches.

Allen’s Redskins are intense raspberry flavoured chews and a favourite amongst lolly consumers for many decades, despite facing some controversy over its name (causing offence to Native Americans).

The brand changed its packaging in the late 90s from a photo of a Native American wearing a traditional war bonnet headdress, to a more neutral red character in the easily identifiable red and purple wrapper.

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