Aussie chef aims to ‘start the spread’...

Aussie chef aims to ‘start the spread’ – of sourdough

All over Australia, people are getting little five gram baggies in the post (of the legal kind) as an Aussie chef aims to ‘start the spread’ of sourdough, not coronavirus, by sending out free starters to home bakers.

During this period of isolation, baking has become a popular pastime as people try to eliminate boredom, and sourdough in particular has taken off among those testing their skills in the kitchen. While many are going the whole way and making their own starters from scratch, there are many people searching for established sourdough starters to start their sourdough journey.

This is where New York-based chef Xinyi Lim comes in. The Sydney-born chef has been stranded in her home city since the COVID-19 travel restrictions came in, and is offering up free sourdough starters for home bakers (although a small donation towards postage is gladly accepted).

Each package contains a five-gram sachet of air-dried sourdough starter and a leaflet explaining how to activate your starter and how to continue feeding it.


In case you missed it, there is a movement to start the spread (of sourdough, not sickness) as we seek solidarity through alternative ways of connecting,” Lim wrote in an Instagram post.

“The demand has been huge, which says something about our present need to reacquaint ourselves with fundamental means of sustenance and survival.

“If you are in Australia and would like some sourdough starter, please send me an email to with your name and address. With each package, I’ll be including 2 sachets of dried starter (one for you, another to mail on and share the love). I’ve also put together a booklet – because you know, ample time – containing instructions on how to bring your starter back to life (but not how to bake with it as I am no expert and you just wait and see what’s down that rabbit hole) and some personal musings which you are welcome to ignore.

“It’s now, more than ever, that we must nurture an abundance mindset, so I’m sending these out for free. However, if you have the means, a small donation to help cover shipping costs would be much appreciated.”

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