Auf Wiedersehen to an iconic German bakery

Auf Wiedersehen to an iconic German bakery

Hahndorf near Adelaide is set to lose one of its Germanic charms as the German Cake Shop closes. The bakery best known for its giant pretzels, strudels and other classic German baked goods will shut on April 28.

The German Cake Shop has been around for around 50 years in Hahndorf isn’t closing due to slowing sales or any other shortfalls in profits. Closing the store has come at “the right time” and has coincided with the owner’s retirement.

Steven Matthews says he took the reins of the shop 25 years ago and has been the longest serving owner in its 50 years history.

“We took over in February 2000—within four months of the (Sydney) Olympics and the torch going past the shop… we were here for the first Tour Down Under, we were here for the tunnels opening on the Freeway, we were here for GST starting, we’ve seen lots [of] change” he said speaking to The Advertiser.

“The building has always been owned by the original owners—the German people who started the shop in 1974 and they’ve aged … local business people have bought the premises, and they are going to redevelop it into something else.”

Over the years the demographic has said to have changed from “90 per cent Germans” to around “one per cent” Germans. Although the demographic had changed the business had still remained busy—even after riding the COVID-19 wave—and Matthews has said they sell more pretzels now than they have for years.

The new business taking over will retain the bakeries German charm and still sell good, German products Matthews says. They are set to open in July this year.

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